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The Siding Contractors Association of Alberta is a non profit construction trade association that is focused on improvement and advancement of the siding industry in Alberta. We have contractor, distributer and manufacturer members throughout the province of Alberta.

Alberta Mandatory New Home Warranty

February 1, 2014 all new homes in the province of Alberta were required to be covered by a New Home Warranty Program.   The mandatory warranty provides homeowners with...

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What should you think about before starting your project?

The exterior cladding of your home is made of many components, which if installed correctly, protect your home from the environment by keeping moisture from penetrating your home.   

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What you choose to cover the outside of your home with will not only determine how your home will look but also how much effort and money it will take to install and maintain that appearance. 

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Choosing a Siding Contractor

Your home is important to you and you expect the best!   The Siding Contractors Association has contractor, supplier and manufacturer members who also want you to have the best.      One of the most important things in getting quality siding on your home, whether it is wood, vinyl, metal or fiber cement, is getting a quality installer to do the job.  


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Maintenance of your siding

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Buckling Siding

Posted on February 3rd, 2016

My vinyl siding is buckling!   Why is this happening and how can I fix it? Buckling of vinyl siding can be caused by a few factors.    Vinyl expands and contracts and if it i ... Read More

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What Clients Say

I contacted the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta to find out if my siding was installed correctly.    They were very helpful in explaining Building Code requirements and industry practices.  The contractor who installed the siding wasn't a member of the SCAA and with the information I received, I was able to speak to my contractor and get the necessary repairs completed.  I wish I had used an SCAA member to do the job in the first place, it would have saved time and stress!

Barbara, June, 2015

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