What you choose to cover the outside of your home with will not only determine how your home will look but also how much effort and money it will take to install and maintain that appearance.   The siding or exterior cladding provides both aesthetics and functional purposes.   The good news is that you don't have to give up functionality and durability to get a nice look on your home.   There a numerous style choices within each type of material  so if you are looking for a particular look, you can typically find it in vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc.   Before you make your final decision on what to clad or side your home make sure you consider

  • Maintenance requirements of the siding

Some products need more maintenance than others.   The siding product maintenance can include cleaning, caulking, painting and even ease of replacement or repair if damage should occur.    

  • Long term durability

Siding that is easily damaged, may need to be repaired frequently or possibly replaced.   Natural products like wood may rot or crack while some vinyl products might fade over time, particularily the darker shades.    You need to understand how the various products change with time, environmental conditions and day to day wear & tear.    

  • Cost

For many of us cost is a large factor in making our choice on exterior cladding products.   When considering price, make sure you consider the other items listed above because you may find that the least expensive initially may not be the least expensive in the long term if durability, maintenance, replacement, etc is considered.

  • Fire resistance

All products used in home construction, whether inside or outside, will burn given the right temperature.   The exterior siding or cladding, regardless of what type you choose, will burn, given the right temperature.    Make sure you understand, from the manufacturer, what the fire ratings of the product is.    There have been many negative reports on vinyl siding in residential home fires, but not all the information is accurate.   If you are considering vinyl siding, make sure you read this article on the facts about Vinyl Siding and fires

  • Types of Siding Products

There is vinyl, metal, steel, wood, fiber cement siding, brick, stone and many more different options to choose from when finishing the exterior of your home.    Each product provides a different  

To find out more about what products are availble for your siding your home, select a reputable contractor and with thier assistance and information provided by siding product manufacturers and suppliers, you can create the home of your dreams.  Check out the "Choosing a Siding Contractor" tab in our website consumer section and also our list of members, to help you make a decision on who can help you create the  



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